HART Program FAQs

Earlier this week Yahoo Parenting ran this story about a man living with an HIV positive diagnosis. This man is also a father through surrogacy. That breakthrough was made possible through the use of our HART program.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the program.

What is HART?
HART stands for HIV Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Growing Generations has developed a cutting edge approach to assisted reproductive technologies combined with laboratory testing and preventative medications so HIV+ men may have the chance to become parents.

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Easy Conceptions Don’t Always Mean Surrogate Success

Plenty of women considering surrogacy assume that having the ability to conceive easily on their own is a surrogate mother prerequisite. In fact, many women desiring to become surrogates tell us their ease of conception is one of the reasons they feel most confident in their ability to conceive as a surrogate. While it can be helpful if a woman was able to easily conceive her own children, it is not necessarily an indication that her body will lend itself well to surrogacy.

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The Jargon of Surrogacy; Part 1

The jargon of gestational surrogacy can be a lot to take in. Surrounded by shorthand abbreviations and phrases that you’re not likely to hear at your local coffee shop, it can often be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a glimpse at some of the phrases you may hear leading up to your first transfer.


IPs- Intended Parents. The term is broad and can apply to two men, two women, a single parent or a heterosexual couple. In any instance, it is usually these people who submit at least half of the genetic makeup of the child to be.

IF- Intended Father. In situations of a male-male homosexual couple, IF’s is often used in place of IP’s.

IM- Intended Mother. In some cases this woman may be providing her own egg to be fertilized. If she is unable to do that she will need the help of an ED, or egg donor.

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Choosing Your Egg Donor Wisely

Choosing the woman who will donate eggs to your family is a major milestone in your surrogacy journey. While there are many things to consider when sorting through donor profiles, the truth is that the way you choose your egg donor will be intimate and incredibly personal. That said, here are a few attributes that many intended parents tend to consider while going through donor profiles.

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Social Media & the Surrogate

Today’s ever present availability of information on the go keeps most of us on our toes and plugged in at all times. It will be no different for you as you move through your surrogacy journey. While social media sites like Facebook can bring family and friends ever closer together, there are considerations you should make as it relates to your surrogacy before going “Facebook Official.”

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How To Handle Tricky Things Strangers Say to Surrogates

While surrogate pregnancies are occurring more often in the public eye, they’re still rarely experienced by the masses. It is very likely that you will be the first, and potentially the only, surrogate that people in your life will ever encounter. This makes you both incredibly intriguing and probably somewhat controversial at the same time. Over the next nine months you’re likely to experience people asking you questions that catch you off guard and struggling for a proper response.

Our surrogates tell us that some of the hardest situations to respond to are those of excessive praise. Most people will find what you’re doing awe inspiring and will want to compliment you. Receiving compliments gracefully is something many surrogates struggle with as most surrogates are not doing this for praise. Continue reading

Growing a Great Relationship with your Surrogate

The types of relationships that can come out of a surrogacy relationship are as varied as the people who turn to surrogacy in the first place. While some parties desire an intimate relationship that will last well beyond the birth of your child, others prefer a more subtle relationship with clear boundaries. Most relationships tend to fall somewhere in the middle of this ongoing spectrum.

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Egg Donor Sibling Journey

In some cases, intended parents who had a child with the egg provided by a specific donor will want to have an egg supplied by the same donor if they decide to have another child. There’s a lot of good reasons for this—the siblings will be genetically related to each other even more fully than if they just shared the father’s sperm, and as a result, may share some of the same characteristics and medical history.

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A Rough Timeline for Intended Parents

Making the leap to become a parent through surrogacy comes with a plethora of emotions. You’ll experience everything from joy and doubt to happiness, fear and perhaps most of all, excitement! Now that you’ve taken the first steps towards parenthood it’s highly likely you want to know how long it’s going to be before you could be welcoming your new baby home. Here’s a look at just how quickly things could happen.

1. Consult. The first step is to talk to us. We’ll schedule a time to talk with you about what you want and try to answer any questions you may have. Continue reading