How it Works

The dream of becoming a parent is closer than you think.

Our full service, hands-on gestational surrogacy program encompasses all aspects of your case from surrogate screening to preparing you for delivery. We strive to manage every aspect of your case, from minor details to major milestones, so that you, the Intended Parent, and your chosen surrogate can enjoy the exhilarating adventure of pregnancy.

Read below the six easy steps to successfully becoming a parent through surrogacy.


Book a consult

Why a consult?

In our 90-minute consultation, our aim is to leave you informed, inspired and empowered to take the next step.

You will learn exactly how the Growing Generations gestational surrogacy program works, who surrogates are, and what to expect throughout your journey.

You can have your consult in person at our Los Angeles or New York offices, throughout Europe or online through our virtual service. We offer consultations in English, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Italian and French.


Get Started

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Let us make it easy for you.

To begin the process you simply need to sign and return our retainer agreement
with a small initial payment.

You can make payment via U.S. bank check, domestic or international bank wire, or credit card.
Soon you will be matched with a surrogate. This is where things really get exciting. Read on…

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Finding you the right surrogate is what we do.

To locate the surrogate match that best fits you, you will help us by completing a simple profile. It is easy to do and we help by giving you an easy platform from which to write it at our Client Support Site.

You will also get to speak with the legal team to learn all about the legal aspects of the gestational surrogacy program and to choose states from which you want to work with a surrogate. From the Client Support Site you can even schedule a call with your GG Client Services team.

This team will take you through the rest of your surrogacy journeyand will discuss with you the other steps to occur within this phase.

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Meet Your Surrogate

Less than 1% of women who apply qualify to become a GG surrogate.

Every GG surrogate is fully screened before she meets the client. We do this to help reduce the financial and emotional risk for you.

Our unique surrogate screening process includes an extensive application; telephone and in-person interviews; psychological testing and evaluation; medical examination by an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) specialist; drug, nicotine, and infectious disease screening, criminal background check.

If you need the assistance of an egg donor, around this time we will assist you in locating one.

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The Medical Cycle

Where possibility becomes reality.

Once your surrogate match is confirmed, you will fund your expense account with GG and move on to the legal phase. During this time, if you have an egg donor, she will go in for screening, if she has not already. Your medical screening is usually done before this time or right around the time of your surrogate match.

Once legal is completed, the surrogate and donor/intended mother’s cycles are synchronized and several weeks later is an attempt at pregnancy. Pregnancy test results will be known 10 to 12 days later.


You are Almost Home

You are almost home.

At about 8 to 10 weeks pregnant, your IVF physician will release your surrogate to her obstetrician.

Towards the end of the 2nd trimester of your surrogate pregnancy, plans will begin to set up the hospital for your arrival. The day you have been waiting for is nearly here.

From start to finish, the gestational surrogacy program typically ranges in time from 15-20 months. GG has been with you the entire way.From your initial consultation to taking your baby home, we are with you providing guidance, expertise, and support through every step.