Understanding Surrogate Compensation & Pay

Most aspiring surrogates are motivated by altruism. Their primary goal is helping others create or grow their own families. Even... Read more

Donor Diaries: Amanda

I learned about egg donation after a friend of mine told me about her experience being an egg donor.  It... Read more

Rethinking Monthly Expenses

Part of your many traditional surrogate benefits packages includes a monthly “allowance.” For most agencies, this begins once you are... Read more

What is Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

You’ve just had your first ultrasound and everything looks great. In fact, it looks perfect. Your surrogate has just been... Read more

National Infertility Week History

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that in 2015, an estimated 6.7 million women aged 15-44 experienced some level... Read more

Understanding Surrogacy Reimbursements

You will be entitled to reimbursement for a variety of things during your surrogacy journey. While the entire reimbursement process... Read more

Transparency in Surrogate Compensation

Growing Generations takes great pride in operating with the highest ethical standards possible. It is our goal to ensure that... Read more

Fertility & Cancer: Why Your Help is Needed

The need for a surrogate in a male-male coupling is obvious. The necessity for a surrogate when an intended mother... Read more

When is my Surrogate Released From Meds?

Your surrogate will be on a closely monitored medical protocol for a long time. Beginning roughly a month before your... Read more

How Your Donated Genetics Will be Parented

As an egg donor you may find yourself wondering how your eggs will be parented by those who receive them.... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Danielle

  Watching my cousin struggle with fertility was heartbreaking. Fertility came so easily to me, and watching her miscarry time... Read more

How Your Transfer Date is Determined

The arrival of your medical and transfer calendar is a big day. It outlines what medications you’ll take leading up... Read more

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