Along for The Ride: Packing for the Hospital

  Packing for the birth of a surrogate child is vastly different from packing fr the birth of your own... Read more

Can Embryos Fall Out After Transfer?

Embryos are tiny, delicate things. As such, the transfer process is often conducted with great caution and preparation. This caution... Read more

What to Expect When Having Breastmilk Shipped

Many of our US-based Intended Parents choose to have their surrogate continue to express breastmilk for their child long after... Read more

Does Height Impact Gestation Length?

Every mom-to-be will be peppered with the same question for nine months straight, “When are you due?” With less than... Read more

Understanding Embryo Grading For Surrogates

A woman’s jou  rney up until transfer day focuses on the development of her lining. Doctors consider how thick it... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Jessica

I am a two time surrogate, meaning I’ve completed two surrogate pregnancies. For me, surrogacy did more than create three... Read more

Accepting A Donor Egg

Some women come to Growing Generations with one simple need: a viable egg. Many women are capable of getting pregnant... Read more

Understanding Embryo Grading for Egg Donors

Once your egg retrieval is complete, it is quite possible that you walk out the clinic and never know what... Read more

Understanding Embryo Grading for Intended Parents

Once your embryos have been created your first question to the doctor may be, “How good do the embryos look?”... Read more

Should You Consider Using Mosaic Embryos?

The term “mosaic” is assigned to an embryo that is found to have both normal and abnormal cells during PGS... Read more

What Are Mosaic Embryos?

As science continues to advance and doctors learn more about embryos and IVF technology, we continue to see new terminology... Read more

What the Media Mistakes About Surrogacy

Choosing to donate your eggs means that, very likely, your DNA will ultimately be used in gestational surrogacy. For many... Read more

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