Six Things Not to say to Someone Living With Infertility

It is our belief that very few people are outwardly mean or seeking to offend or hurt those around them.... Read more

Fertility & Cancer: Why Your Eggs are Needed

Women may need the help of an egg donor for a number of reasons. While most donors understand that poor... Read more

How to React to a Failed Transfer

The days and weeks following a failed transfer can be a tough time emotionally. It can be difficult to understand... Read more

Parenting a Child Conceived Through Donated Genetics

As you prepare to embark upon your egg donation or surrogacy journey, it is incredibly common to question how your... Read more

Italian Fathers Granted Parental Rights

In a landmark decision, an Italian court has legally recognized two men as the fathers of children born via surrogacy.... Read more

Creative Ways to Fund Surrogacy

RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, reports that one in 8 U.S. couples of childbearing years will experience some level of... Read more

Yeast Infections in Surrogacy

Yeast infections are common and impact millions of women every year. Even so, many women will experience their first yeast... Read more

What is Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome?

Beginning to take charge of your fertility means exploring all of the things that could be causing you hardship in... Read more

About PCOS & Surrogacy

Many surrogates find themselves wondering why their intended mother needs their help. One potential cause stems from prolonged or advanced... Read more

How to React After a Failed Transfer

Learning that your embryo transfer did not result in a positive pregnancy test can feel devastating. The doctor said your... Read more

Along for the Ride: A Birth Story

Well, we did it! The ride is over, folks! And two perfect little babies are now in the arms of... Read more

How Your Medical & Transfer Calendars Are Made

The arrival of your medical and transfer calendar is a big day. It outlines what medications your surrogate will be... Read more

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