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Begin with what you believe in and be prepared to watch your beliefs expand. When we started Growing Generations, we did it to help an under-served segment of intended parents—the gay community.

At that time, egg donation was still considered taboo, and so most surrogates used their own eggs. But because so many of our clients were men, egg donation became a greater and greater need. So, we started an egg donor company. One of us said, “Let’s provide videos of every egg donor.” Someone else responded, “Are you crazy? No donor will ever do that.” And another of us suggested, “Well, why don’t we just give it a try.” The rest is history.

To this day, Growing Generations is the only company in the world that has videos on every one of its egg donors.

Then we received our first straight couple. Could we do this? Why not? If our process is thorough enough to support the special needs of gay families, why not straight ones? Aren’t we a gay company? No, we help fulfill dreams. Dreams don’t have sexual orientation. Ok, let’s do it.

That was a big moment for us, not because it was a gay or straight thing, but because it defined our stance in the world. We were about equality for everyone—no one left out.

In 2006, a new technology emerged in the United States that allowed HIV+ men to become biological parents through IVF. GG was one of the very few, if only agency, that immediately embraced this breakthrough and welcomed HIV+ men to become parents through its program. Since then more than 50 babies have been born to parents with HIV.

In 2012, we reached surrogacy baby 1,000. It was a very proud moment for us. We don’t know whether we are the biggest, or whether we help the most clients, or whether we have more babies than anyone else. What we do know is that we love what we do, and we hope you will, too.