Hearing about the surrogacy and egg donation processes from the experts is one thing. But to learn about it from the mouths of those who have experienced it, and to see it in the faces of their children is another thing entirely. So, sit back, maybe grab some tissues, and enjoy as three GG families tell their stories

We want to explain our child that he or she is the result of a sum of very generous acts: most of all that of his surrogate mother and the egg donor who also made it possible for him to exist. This gesture of offering the potential of one’s own body to others is something beautiful. This makes us think that this baby will bring with him this sum of generosity, solidarity, hope and understanding. He will not be born by surprise, but rather our surprise will always be in him, in his amazing existence to which so many people have contributed with professionalism, love and dedication.

José and MiquelIntended Parents

Thank you, for my new family. The twins are beautiful and perfect in every way. After my parents, who gave me life, you have given me the most important gift I will ever receive. I will be forever grateful. What joy this is… like nothing I have ever known! Yours is the work of angels! Much Love.


Growing Generations was by our side throughout the process of becoming parents – on the good – as well as the bad days. Now, we’re blessed with the two most beautiful girls in the world. Thank you GG for helping make our dreams come true.

Eric and DougSan Franciso, Parents to Twin Daughters

Thank you for this incredible opportunity you’ve given me! Being a surrogate has been one of the most fulfilling things in my life and I cannot imagine doing any of this without you. Your support has been incredible and it means the world to me. I could never thank you enough!

Christina S.Surrogate

I wanted the thank you for the adorable silver bear to add to my charm braclet. It was very thoughtful of you. It being your job or not, you all do a distinguished part in making your surrogates happy. I cannot say enough good things about GG and all you do.

TinaSurrogate, Delivered Twins

Don and I want all of you to know that we will be forever grateful to Growing Generations for helping to make our dream come true. We appreciate the professionalism and care that everyone has shown us through this journey. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem real. Words cannot express how much we love our little babies.

David and DonParents, Arkansas, Daughter Alena and Son Aiden

There are so many things I am thankful for when it comes to Growing Generations and the staff. I don’t think I could name them all. In a “nutshell”, thank you for taking such wonderful care of me and my guys.


Thank you guys for seeing us through. We feel so fortunate that you decided to do what you do, when we decided to do what we’re doing with your help. How’s that for a tongue twister!

Anthony and IraParents, Los Angeles, Daughter Noelle

I just needed to let you all know how touched I am by all the support and true concern you have shown me. Through the highs and lows, I have felt so surrounded by kindness.


We want to express our deepest gratitude for making our lifelong dream of becoming parents a reality.  Thank you all for helping us through a process that at times was overwhelming.  Your professionalism, support, and love made us feel at ease.

Eric and JoseParents, Boston, Daughter Alexa