IVF for HIV+ Parents

Did you know that HIV+ men can safely become biological fathers through in vitro fertilization (IVF)? Through the advances in HIV treatment and care, it is now possible to get viral loads down to undetectable levels in HIV+ men. This means that men who are on long-term HIV medications, have an undetectable viral load, haven’t changed their medications in six months, and don’t have any other sexually transmitted diseases can conceive children.

Here at Growing Generations, we provide a program that utilizes safe and responsible assistive reproductive technologies that can help HIV+ men become fathers. In fact, it is possible to take a single sperm and insert it directly into the egg for the fertilization process. Because only one sperm is needed, the viral load is so negligible that the chance of an infection is incredibly rare. This enables men who are HIV+ and those who have other types of viral infections, such as hepatitis, to safely become biological parents.

In more than 4,000 reported cases of assisted reproduction using sperm from an HIV+ positive man, there has been no case of transmission to the carrier of the baby or the baby. In fact, every medical professional we have spoken with who is an expert in HIV or assisted reproduction believes that even without the safeguards our medical professionals have put in place, it would still be virtually impossible for an HIV infection to occur.

National studies have shown that a 25-year-old man who has just contracted HIV has a life expectancy of at least an additional 51 years, which puts him at a normal life expectancy. This means that HIV+ men can not only enjoy a long life on anti-retroviral therapy, they can have their own biological child and fulfill the dream of watching that child grow into an adult. Due to these positive medical advances, there has been an increase in interest in assisted reproductive technologies for HIV+ men who can now rest assured that they can have a biological child of their own without the risk of infecting the child or the carrier.