The IVF Process for Surrogates

Growing Generations couldn’t do this without our wonderful surrogates and we want to make the process as positive an experience as possible.

Once selected to be a potential surrogate, you will visit the medical office in Los Angeles and a physician will go over your medical, personal and obstetric history in detail. Blood tests will be performed on you and your partner, if you have one. A pelvic ultrasound will be performed to ensure that a pregnancy will be safe for both you and the baby.

It takes about 2 weeks for the laboratory results to be completed and your medical history to be evaluated. Once cleared by GG, we will find a match between you and the potential parents. The legal process will start, which will clearly spell out your and the parents’ legal rights and responsibilities.

You will take hormones to prepare your uterus for pregnancy and there will another ultrasound and more blood tests. If you live away from the Los Angeles area, GG will help find a clinic close to you for your convenience.

Once the embryo is fertilized, you will be brought in for embryo transfer. The parents may be present for the process, which is discreet and painless. You’ll stay at a hotel for the night, then can return to your normal life. In about two weeks, if everything goes well, you’ll have a positive pregnancy test.

During the course of the next 10 or 12 weeks you will be weaned from the hormones and additional ultrasounds and blood tests will be performed to monitor the pregnancy and determine how many babies you might be having. At the end of the first trimester you will be released back to your own obstetrician for normal treatment.

Despite all the early procedures, this is not a high-risk pregnancy and GG expects everything will proceed uneventfully.

Please watch this video with as Dr. Bradford Kolb, medical director of HRC Fertility, provides more details about the process.