Understanding IVF with an Egg Donor

So you are interested in becoming an egg donor, but maybe you want more information on how the medical process works. Here at Growing Generations we have a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring that the whole process, from the initial application to the egg retrieval procedure, runs smoothly and efficiently so you enjoy the rewards of helping the intended parents realize their dream.

During the initial stages of the selection process, you will be screened by a psychologist who will discuss the egg donation process with you so you understand your involvement in it and to help you make sure that this is the right decision for you.

Moving forward, you will also speak with a geneticist, which allows us to assess any possible risks of genetic disorders.

Once you are accepted into the egg donor program at Growing Generations and are matched with intended parents, you will have a consultation with the physician who will be treating you. During the meeting, the doctor will look at your medical history and walk through the entire egg donation process with you.

You will also have a physical examination which will involve a pelvic ultrasound to help determine the health of your ovaries and to help the doctor choose the right fertility medications for your donation.

Part of your physical examination will include blood tests for infectious diseases, drug use, and your hormone levels. It takes around two weeks for the results of these tests to be returned from the lab. At this time your physician will review the result and make sure you’re ready to move forward.

Once your medical clearance is issued, Growing Generations will be contacted and the necessary legal documentation will be prepared. Your treatment will begin with visits to the clinic at regular intervals for ultrasounds and blood tests so that the doctor can monitor your progression.

When your egg retrieval takes place at the fertility clinic, you will have a whole team there to take care of you. You will be sleeping comfortably through the procedure. After the retrieval you will wake up fairly quickly and the center will monitor you for an hour or two to make sure you are comfortable and safe before your return home.