Common Cures for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is perhaps the most talked about early pregnancy complication. In fact, some doctors estimate that up to 90%... Read more

Assessing Prematurity Risks for Intended Parents

As the birth of your child nears, doctors will begin to pay close attention to your surrogate’s body. While your... Read more

Egg Donation Timeline Refresher

You’ve decided to become an egg donor! What comes next? When do you start meds? What’s going on behind the... Read more

Transparency in Surrogate Compensation

Growing Generations takes great pride in operating with the highest ethical standards possible. It is our goal to ensure that... Read more

Surrogacy: What It Means For Your Significant Other

When a woman chooses to become a surrogate it is a decision that impacts her entire family. From the children... Read more

How To Handle Tricky Things Strangers Say to Surrogates

While surrogate pregnancies are occurring more often in the public eye, they’re still rarely experienced by the masses. It is... Read more

Growing a Great Relationship with your Surrogate

The types of relationships that can come out of a surrogacy relationship are as varied as the people who turn... Read more

Egg Donor Sibling Journey

In some cases, intended parents who had a child with the egg provided by a specific donor will want to... Read more

A Rough Timeline for Intended Parents

Making the leap to become a parent through surrogacy comes with a plethora of emotions. You’ll experience everything from joy... Read more

Four Things That Can Delay Your Surrogacy

Making the choice to become a surrogate can take a lot of time and thought. We know that by the... Read more

Considering Egg Donation? Here Are Five Reasons You Definitely Should...

Our egg donors are full of heart and provide a gift that is essential in the surrogacy process. What you... Read more

Mandy’s Surrogate Story

In February of 2010 I gave birth to my first daughter. I knew instantly that I wanted to have bunches... Read more

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