Agency Spotlight: Delivering Family Dreams Through Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Growing Generations. It’s more than just a name, it’s our vision and daily mission. That’s why our motto is, “We... Read more

Why Your Surrogate May Need a Late Amniocentesis

Most intended parents are at least familiar enough with an amniocentesis procedure to know that, if it’s needed, it’s typically... Read more

Surviving the 1st Trimester: Common Ailments and How to Cope   Many women who choose to become surrogates have easy pregnancies with few side effects. While you may have... Read more

Social Media Refresher For Intended Parents

As technology changes, it gets more difficult to imagine how our social life functioned before the advent of sites like... Read more

What Intended Parents Should Know About Acupuncture & Pregnancy

Content: Perhaps you’ve read about acupuncture as a means to improve fertility, and are considering asking your surrogate to... Read more

Why You May Need a 3rd Trimester Amniocentesis

Most surrogates are at least familiar enough with an amniocentesis procedure to know that it’s typically done in the early... Read more

What is Round Ligament Pain and How to Cope

You’re sitting on the couch when you remember that you were supposed to leave for the bus stop five minutes... Read more

Why a Single Embryo Transfer May be Better

Source:   When it comes to deciding how many embryos to transfer into your surrogate, the surface choice may... Read more

Social Media Refresher For Surrogates

As social media continues to become an increasingly integral part of American society, it’s becoming less and less likely that... Read more

Acupuncture & Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

From time to time intended parents ask our surrogates to consider acupuncture as part of their transfer procedure. While not... Read more

When & How to Announce Baby News When Using IVF

  The choice of when to share your pregnancy news with those around you is a moment so many parents-to-be... Read more

Single Embryo Transfers May Improve Your Pregnancy Chances

    Source:   During your contracting phase, you will discuss how many embryos you are willing to have... Read more

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