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Becoming an egg donor means donating your DNA in order to help create a family for someone else. This huge responsibility motivates us to ensure that our egg donors are genetically sound as well as physically healthy. This means our potential egg donors need to be tobacco free. Research has shown time and time again that using tobacco products can have an adverse effect on fertility. Specifically, studies have shown that female smokers will produce fewer follicles, fewer usable eggs, and fewer eggs capable of fertilization when stimulated for IVF treatments. There is also a link between miscarriage and tobacco users that could be the result of poor egg quality. That research, compounded with the negative effects of tobacco on the overall health of the user, serve as the basis for our tobacco free requirement. 

As part of our responsibility to our intended parents, we require our egg donors to pass a tobacco screening during their application process. Apart from helping to make you healthier, the absence of tobacco and other additives found in cigarettes will make your eggs a better quality as well. Within six months of stopping smoking your lungs will begin to repair themselves and your body will be free of nicotine and other harmful additives found in cigarettes. If you are a current smoker and wish to donate your eggs with us, we encourage you to look into stopping smoking. Once you have been tobacco free for a minimum of six months, we invite you to apply with us and move through the screening process. Do note that a failed tobacco screening will disqualify you from moving forward. 

If you are interested in becoming a donor with Growing Generations apply today.

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