PGD & PGS: What Are They?

During your initial consultations you will be asked to consider and decide on any potential tests you’d like to have... Read more

Will Your Donor Develop Attachment?

Choosing to use an egg donor to help create your family is a choice that can come with a lot... Read more

An Egg Donor’s Medical Cycle

The medical cycle for an egg donor or intended mother (IM) serves two purposes: it stimulates the body to create... Read more

Promising Research for Older Donors

Some intended mothers in our surrogacy program have the choice between acting as an egg donor herself, or to choose... Read more

What is Embryo Donation?

Most couples arriving at surrogacy expect to conceive a child with a biological relation to them by the close of... Read more

Donor Banking for Intended Parents

As you move through the egg donation leg of your journey you may face situations where it could be beneficial... Read more

Improving Egg Health & Fertility

For years, doctors believed that the only factor influencing the heath of a woman’s eggs was her age. However, as... Read more

What is an OAR?

During your matching process with an egg donor you will be presented the results of her OAR, or Ovarian Assessment... Read more

Egg Health Information for Intended Parents

When beginning to think about the genetics for your child, the first thing to consider will be the quality of... Read more

Biological Connection Concerns With Donor Eggs

Several intended mothers in our program will ultimately decide to use donor eggs in order to help create their family.... Read more

Cost of Egg Donor Only Cases

In some cases, an intended mother may be able to carry a child, but be unable to use her own... Read more

Things You Shouldn’t Say to an Egg Donor

Many egg donors have a difficult time confiding with even close friends and family. If you are lucky enough to... Read more

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