Welcome to our resource page for intended parents who are interested in egg donation. On this page, you’ll find various articles and information regarding egg donation and how to find an egg donor that’s right for you. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

Biological Connection Concerns With Donor Eggs

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Cost of Egg Donor Only Cases

In some cases, an intended mother may be able to carry a child, but be unable to use her own... Read more

Things You Shouldn’t Say to an Egg Donor

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Top Children’s Books About Egg Donation

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The Importance of Pre-Screening Egg Donors

Egg donors generously help couples who can’t otherwise have children on their own create families. Not only is the egg... Read more

How to Choose an Egg Donation Agency

Type “egg donation” into the Google search box and immediately on the right side of your computer screen will be... Read more

Surrogacy Using an Egg donor: What will this process cost...

There are several factors that will impact your total costs of the surrogacy and egg donation process. Probably the most... Read more

Egg Donation FAQ for Intended Parents

For a variety of reasons, you may need the assistance of an egg donor to help you or your surrogate... Read more

Picking an Egg Donor – 6 years later

As I stare at a picture of my beautiful son who is almost 5 years old, I see a unique,... Read more