Hormone Levels Can Predict Changes in Pregnancy

Science is telling women to “chill out” if they want to get pregnant. Research published in early 2017 showed that... Read more

The “Ideal” Sperm for IVF

Researchers in Alabama are taking a closer look at sperm as they continue to strive towards more effective infertility treatments.... Read more

Is IVG The Successor to IVF?

The future of IVF could mean that there is no longer a need for sperm or egg in order to... Read more

Daylight Savings Time May Impact IVF Success

The ever-changing field of IVF means that new research is being conducted daily, and that it often leads to new... Read more

All About The Journey Through Egg Donation | Growing Generations

If you are considering in vitro fertilization and you have a reason to suspect that the procedure might be challenging... Read more

National Infertility Week History

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that in 2015, an estimated 6.7 million women aged 15-44 experienced some level... Read more

Italian Fathers Granted Parental Rights

In a landmark decision, an Italian court has legally recognized two men as the fathers of children born via surrogacy.... Read more

New Study Promotes IVF Success Rates

IVF Technology is an ever-changing and evolving field. As scientists continue to look for ways to improve embryo transfer success... Read more

Meet GG: Kellie Nesbitt

Client Development Assistant Kellie Nesbitt has been with Growing Generations since 2015. In her role she interacts with intended parents... Read more

Staff Feature: Erica Horton

Erica Horton, President of Growing Generations, initially joined GG as a Marketing intern in the summer of 2003. It was... Read more

Staff Feature: Christa Wensel

Christa Wensel is an egg donor specialist who also works with intended parents who do not need a surrogate. She... Read more

Staff Feature: Mark Schiff

  Mark Schiff is a Clinical Specialist who has a long history with Growing Generations. Originally a member of several... Read more

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