Understanding Surrogacy Jargon Part 2

Previously we listed some terms that you’re likely to see before and leading up to transfer. The vocabulary of third... Read more

HART Program FAQs

Earlier this week Yahoo Parenting ran this story about a man living with an HIV positive diagnosis. This man is also a... Read more

Growing Generations’ Surrogate Screening Process- Part Two

Growing Generations’ process for screening their surrogates is renowned, partly because they are committed to thoroughly screening potential surrogates before... Read more

Growing Generations’ Surrogate Screening Process- Part One

Growing Generations is committed to thoroughly screening potential surrogates. The surrogacy process will take several months, starting with the screening... Read more

Ethical Surrogacy in the United States: A Free Educational Seminar

Dr. Kim Bergman will be traveling to Australia to take part in three free educational seminars regarding Ethical Surrogacy in... Read more

Understanding Different Types of Surrogacy

Surrogacy involves a woman who carries a child to term and then relinquishes the baby to the intended parent(s) upon... Read more

Parenting by Choice, Dr. Bergman Shares her Expertise with Kids...

You may know Dr. Kim Bergman as the co-owner of Growing Generations and Fertility Counseling Services but did you know... Read more

France & 46 Other Member Nations Must Recognize Parentage in...

In a groundbreaking decision June 26, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in two cases that France must recognize... Read more

Where did the year go?!

So much has happened during the first half of the year and I’d like to give you an update on... Read more

Surrogate Blogging: I am a mother and then some

Ever wonder who are "these women" who become Surrogates? Why would they carry a baby for someone else? Here is... Read more

Son of Iowa Lesbians Fights Gay Marriage Ban

The latest Internet hero is Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa engineering student and Eagle Scout whose parents are... Read more

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