How are Embryos From Your Eggs Frozen?

During your donation process your medical team will closely monitor your follicle development. Many egg donors become curious about the... Read more

How Long are Frozen Embryos Viable?

Freezing embryos is a standard practice when it comes to the IVF and surrogacy process. Many egg donors will produce... Read more

Myth: Egg Donation is Easy Money

Many egg donors are motivated by a healthy mixture of altruism as well as personal gain. While they indeed do... Read more

Can I donate if I Have Body Modifications?

Tattoos, piercings, and implants. Body modifications can be used to express individuality, as a form of self expression, or to... Read more

Donor Diaries: Liz

Egg donation is something I have always taken an interest in.  I always loved the idea of helping create a... Read more

Donor Diaries: Jennifer

I got into egg donation after seeing many ads in the back of newspapers asking for egg donors. I did... Read more

How Long Do Frozen Eggs Last?

Before answering this question you must first understand the difference between a human egg and an embryo. Eggs, or oocytes,... Read more

Egg Donor Requirements Refresher

Perhaps you’ve heard that Growing Generations accepts less than 1% of egg donor applicants, and you’re a bit concerned that... Read more

The Donor Diaries: Lauren

At some point in our lives we will all have to ask for help from other people and need their... Read more

Egg Donation’s Effect on Fertility

Friends and family of egg donors often worry that donations may impact the future fertility of the donor in their... Read more

Donor Diaries: Kathryn

  When I first got out of school I was working, but living on my own.  I had a job... Read more

What is a Donor Banking Cycle?

From time to time an egg donor may be asked to take part in a donation before the intended parents... Read more

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