My Tubes are Tied. Can I Donate?

Occasionally a woman will come to our egg donation program with the desire to donate her eggs after completing her... Read more

Egg Donors & The HART Program

You may have heard about our HART program, which is renowned for helping those living with an HIV+ diagnosis to... Read more

What is a Genetic Profile?

As part of your egg donor screening process, you will have the opportunity to have a genetic profile completed. For... Read more

Egg Donor Screening

Growing Generations is proud to be incredibly selective with the young women who are accepted into our egg donor program.... Read more

Donor Diaries: Janine

I became an egg donor after reading an online article about the process and becoming fascinated with it! I even... Read more

The Matching Process

The process of matching with Intended Parents begins the instant your profile is uploaded to our online database. As soon... Read more

Sharing Your Story

The choice of whether or not to share your decision to become an egg donor with friends and family is... Read more

Donor Diaries: Lydia

I got into egg donation as a way of “giving back” to the universe after using donor sperm to create... Read more

What Happens to Leftover Embryos?

Many egg donors are curious about what will happen to their eggs following their donation. While you probably expect that... Read more

Understanding Different Types of Surrogacy

Egg donors will often not know what happens to their eggs following their donation. While an intended mother will occasionally... Read more

Donor Diaries: Sally

  For me it wasn’t a question of, “Why be an egg donor?” so much as a question of, “Why... Read more

Donor Diaries: Jenny

I’ve donated eggs twice, both times for the same intended parents. So, in essence, I started a family, then added... Read more

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