Donor Diaries: Francine

I’ve donated eggs a lot. In fact, I don’t quite remember how many times I’ve done it! It’s either four... Read more

Egg Donor Books for Kids

  Many egg donors feel great pride with their decision, and will ultimately choose to share their choices with their... Read more

Donor Diaries: Katie

I will never forget how I felt when the request came in. I was a first time egg donor and,... Read more

Donor Diaries: Omega

Egg donation is an indescribable experience. The only way to really understand it is to experience it. At least that’s... Read more

How To Choose an Egg Donor Agency

Making the choice to become an egg donor can be overwhelming. The moment you begin searching for the right agency... Read more

Who Needs an Egg Donor?

There is a common misconception that only gay men, menopausal women, or survivors of ovarian cancer need donor eggs. This... Read more

Egg Donors & IUDs

Questions about birth control for egg donors are some of the most common we hear. While most options offer a... Read more

Donor Diaries: Sara

I was moved to egg donation based on the idea that, “what goes around comes around.” I know that someday... Read more

Where Do My Eggs Go Next?

For most egg donors the thought process surrounding donation concludes with the retrieval procedure. Many of our donors tell us... Read more

Egg Donors & Tobacco Use

  Becoming an egg donor means sharing your DNA in order to help create a family for someone else. This... Read more

What Are Known Donors?

In simplest terms, a known donor is a person who is familiar to the parents before the matching process. In... Read more

Accepting Egg Donors Nationally

Many young women who desire to become egg donors may wind up feeling as though this goal is unobtainable to... Read more

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