Welcome to our resource page for egg donors. On this page, you’ll find various articles and information on what egg donation is and what it’s like to be an egg donor. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

Donor Diaries: Sara

I was moved to egg donation based on the idea that, “what goes around comes around.” I know that someday... Read more

Where Do My Eggs Go Next?

For most egg donors the thought process surrounding donation concludes with the retrieval procedure. Many of our donors tell us... Read more

Egg Donors & Tobacco Use

  Becoming an egg donor means donating your DNA in order to help create a family for someone else. This... Read more

What Are Known Donors?

In simplest terms, a known donor is a person who is familiar to the parents before the matching process. In... Read more

Egg Donors & STDs

The FDA has created a list of communicable diseases that they require all IVF centers to test for in order... Read more

Accepting Egg Donors Nationally

Many young women who desire to become egg donors may wind up feeling as though this goal is unobtainable to... Read more

Known Egg Donors

From time to time intended parents come to Growing Generations with an egg donor already in mind and, in some... Read more

The Donor Diaries: Bec

Known egg donors are a rare circumstance in which the donor knows the intended parents outside of the IVF process.... Read more

Egg Donor Considerations

Egg donors invest a minimal amount of time in exchange for the gift of helping someone else have the family... Read more

The Donor Diaries: Kim

When it comes to egg donation, the easiest part for me was deciding to say yes! I started by simply... Read more

Egg Donation & Birth Control

Most of our egg donors come to us on some form of birth control. This is normal and expected and... Read more

Characteristics of a Great Egg Donor

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to make a great egg donor? While there are all types of women... Read more