What to Expect At Your Surrogate Ultrasound

As you’ve likely already gathered, your surrogate pregnancy means a lot of additional attention from doctors. You’ve already had weekly... Read more

When Will My Period Return After a D&C or Miscarriage?

The time following a miscarriage or dilation and curettage (D&C) can be both physically and emotionally challenging. It is crucial... Read more

Traveling with Surrogacy Medications

Most surrogates will need to travel away from their hometown in order to complete their embryo transfer. For the majority... Read more

Risks of a D&C

In the event of a miscarriage or otherwise abnormal pregnancy, you may elect to undergo a dilation & curettage (D&C)... Read more

When Will My Period Return Post Partum

The return of your period, or menses, following the birth of a child is an event that is unique to... Read more

Preparing for Housekeeping During Surrogacy

Another perk available to our surrogates is access to funds to employ a housekeeper for your home. While these funds... Read more

Understanding Surrogate Compensation & Pay

Most aspiring surrogates are motivated by altruism. Their primary goal is helping others create or grow their own families. Even... Read more

Rethinking Monthly Expenses

Part of your many traditional surrogate benefits packages includes a monthly “allowance.” For most agencies, this begins once you are... Read more

Understanding Surrogacy Reimbursements

You will be entitled to reimbursement for a variety of things during your surrogacy journey. While the entire reimbursement process... Read more

Transparency in Surrogate Compensation

Growing Generations takes great pride in operating with the highest ethical standards possible. It is our goal to ensure that... Read more

Fertility & Cancer: Why Your Help is Needed

The need for a surrogate in a male-male coupling is obvious. The necessity for a surrogate when an intended mother... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Danielle

  Watching my cousin struggle with fertility was heartbreaking. Fertility came so easily to me, and watching her miscarry time... Read more

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