How Your Transfer Date is Determined

The arrival of your medical and transfer calendar is a big day. It outlines what medications you’ll take leading up... Read more

How to React to a Failed Transfer

The days and weeks following a failed transfer can be a tough time emotionally. It can be difficult to understand... Read more

Yeast Infections in Surrogacy

Yeast infections are common and impact millions of women every year. Even so, many women will experience their first yeast... Read more

About PCOS & Surrogacy

Many surrogates find themselves wondering why their intended mother needs their help. One potential cause stems from prolonged or advanced... Read more

Along for the Ride: A Birth Story

Well, we did it! The ride is over, folks! And two perfect little babies are now in the arms of... Read more

How to Ship Breastmilk: A Guide for Surrogates

Many surrogates will go on to pump breastmilk for the baby they carried once he or she is born. The... Read more

Along for The Ride: Packing for the Hospital

  Packing for the birth of a surrogate child is vastly different from packing fr the birth of your own... Read more

Does Height Impact Gestation Length?

Every mom-to-be will be peppered with the same question for nine months straight, “When are you due?” With less than... Read more

Understanding Embryo Grading For Surrogates

A woman’s jou  rney up until transfer day focuses on the development of her lining. Doctors consider how thick it... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Jessica

I am a two time surrogate, meaning I’ve completed two surrogate pregnancies. For me, surrogacy did more than create three... Read more

Surrogacy After Tubal Ligation (Tubes Tied)

Tubal ligation, commonly known as having one’s “tubes tied,” is a common form of permanent birth control in the United... Read more

How Are Embryos Frozen?

Egg retrieval, embryo creation, embryo transfer. These are the parts of the embryo process that most surrogates are familiar with.... Read more

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