Understanding Embryo Aging

With the help of modern science, you can technically be “pregnant” long before your embryo transfer. This can make understanding... Read more

How To Get Your Medical Records

Part of your application and screening process includes acquiring and sending paperwork to us, though much of this process is... Read more

Along for the Ride: Viability

This pregnancy is just moving right along! We’ve hit week 25, and the official point of viability. It’s kind of... Read more

What the Media Gets Wrong About Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an emerging discipline that pairs the innovation of science with the heart and soul of human compassion. As... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Trisha

My decision to explore surrogacy was twofold. When my husband and I decided to try for our first baby I... Read more

Can I Be A Surrogate if I Have an IUD

Surrogate applicants go through an extensive screening process before they are cleared to begin their surrogacy journey. One of the... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Kendra

When I heard about surrogacy I just thought it just sounded incredible and it would be cool to be able... Read more

10 Daily Reminders for Surrogates

When taking on something as large as surrogacy, it’s unsurprising that surrogates can forget about the little things. We find... Read more

Reasons for Fetal Reduction & Termination

Fetal reduction is a difficult topic to discuss and an event we hope you’ll never need to face. However, it... Read more

A Rough Timeline for Surrogates

Our surrogates are very excited to start creating families for their intended parents. We are frequently asked how long it... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Toni

Once upon a time I was at a Barnes and Noble waiting in line. I saw a Time magazine- the... Read more

What to Expect on Transfer Day

Transfer day can feel like the peak of your journey to this point. In many ways it is exactly that.... Read more

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