Welcome to our resource page for surrogates. On this page, you’ll find various articles and information on what surrogacy is, what it’s like to be a surrogate, and how to have a successful surrogacy. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

Surrogate Stories: Marissa

My choice to become a surrogate predates not only the births of my own children, but also my marriage! When... Read more

How to Make Your Surrogate Profile

The matching phase is one of the most exciting times in your surrogate journey. Many surrogates have long dreamed of... Read more

Why We Need Your Insurance Information

During your initial application and screening process we will be asking you for a lot of information. Part of this... Read more

Why Surrogate Specific Insurance is Needed

It is not uncommon for your personal health insurance policy to cover your surrogate pregnancy. Choosing to use your own... Read more

Surrogate Stories: Toni

I am a three time surrogate. I’ve brought 4 little lives into this world and, as beautiful as my first... Read more

Along for the Ride: Glucose Testing

Around 26 weeks gestation every single pregnant woman ever to live must submit to the form of torture known as... Read more

Benefits of the ACA for Surrogates

Some surrogate applicants will be asked to apply for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) during their application period. More commonly... Read more

Surrogate Insurance

Once you’ve progressed through the initial application process you will begin working on what we call the paperwork phase. The... Read more

Which Doctor Will I Use for Surrogacy?

Often surrogates are curious which doctor they’ll be paired with for their journey. Ultimately, the doctor that you will work... Read more

Understanding Embryo Aging

With the help of modern science, you can technically be “pregnant” long before your embryo transfer. This can make understanding... Read more

How To Get Your Medical Records

Part of your application and screening process includes acquiring and sending paperwork to us, though much of this process is... Read more

Along for the Ride: Viability

This pregnancy is just moving right along! We’ve hit week 25, and the official point of viability. It’s kind of... Read more