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Welcome to our resource page for surrogates. On this page, you’ll find various articles and information on what surrogacy is, what it’s like to be a surrogate, and how to have a successful surrogacy. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

What Causes Post Partum Bleeding?

The first thing you should understand about post-partum bleeding is how much is too much, and when the bleed is... Read more

What is Normal Postpartum Bleeding?

All women will experience some amount of bleeding following childbirth; even those who give birth via caesarian section. This bleeding,... Read more

Surrogate Requirements: How to be in the 1%

Growing Generations is very proud of our extensive surrogate screening process. Lasting potentially several months, the process examines potential surrogates... Read more

Declining a Profile

The first step of your matching phase is the acceptance of the profile of an intended parent or pair of... Read more

Along for the Ride: 1st Trimester Screening

Around the 13 week mark of pregnancy you have the choice to complete some optional screenings. These tests, which typically... Read more

Will the Baby Look Like the Surrogate?

Surrogates are often peppered with strange questions. While some may feel insensitive or invasive, others may come off as silly... Read more

Surro Stories: Amanda

It was always my dream to change someone’s life. Before I became a surrogate I did a lot of charity... Read more

Postpartum Abdominal Binders

The popularity of using compression wraps following childbirth is quickly growing among surrogates. Those who have used compression binders say... Read more

Along for the Ride: Graduation

It’s graduation day! It’s such an accomplishment and something to be so proud of reaching. No, I don’t get to... Read more

What is a Rhogam Shot?

During surrogate pregnancy, some women are advised to receive an Rh-immune globulin injection. This medication, more commonly known as Rhogam,... Read more

Labor & Delivery Gown Alternatives

Many women will desire an added layer of modesty during their labor and delivery process as a surrogate. It is... Read more

Race & Surrogacy: Carrying Another Ethnicity

  Surrogacy makes a host of things that were once thought to be impossible happen on a regular basis. One... Read more