Welcome to our resource page for intended parents who are interested in surrogacy. On this page, you’ll find various articles on what surrogacy is like and things to take into consideration while pursuing surrogacy. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

Bringing Baby Home: International Parents

As an international Intended Parent there are additional legalities that you’ll want to pay close attention as you’re preparing to... Read more

Intended Mothers and Lactation

  Many parents via surrogacy will desire to have the most hands on experience possible, including the experience of breastfeeding.... Read more

International Surrogacy Law

Understanding How the Law Impacts You The number of intended parents looking to start a family with the help of... Read more

The Post Birth Relationship With Your Surrogate

As the birth of your baby draws near you may begin to wonder how the relationship you’ve built with your... Read more

APGAR: Your Baby’s First Test

One of the first questions new parents ask usually falls along the lines of, “Is the baby OK?” The common... Read more

Causes of a Failed Embryo Transfer

The confirmation of a failed embryo transfer can feel devastating. After weeks, sometimes months, of contracts, medications, and monitoring, a... Read more

Misconceptions Regarding Surrogacy

Despite gaining popularity and notoriety over the past several years, many people remain a bit in the dark about the... Read more

When to Share Your Big News

Becoming pregnant is a big deal. When pregnancy is achieved through surrogacy it can be an even bigger deal. Despite... Read more

What to Expect on Beta Day

At the close of the two week wait comes the day that your months of preparation have all led towards.... Read more

Labor & Delivery Terminology

The labor and delivery process is the most emotional, nerve wracking, exciting, overwhelming and, more than anything, confusing day of... Read more

International Surrogacy

Building and maintaining an open relationship with your surrogate is often listed as an item of key importance to most... Read more

What to Expect on Transfer Day

Transfer Day can feel like the apex of your journey to this point. In many ways it is exactly that.... Read more