Coming to Terms With Surrogacy

The choice to create or grow your family with a surrogate can be an emotional challenge. For women specifically, the... Read more

Things You Wanted to Know About Surrogacy, But Never Asked

Surrogacy is a family-making process that’s growing rapidly. From celebrities to single parents, gay men, and everyday couples, it’s a... Read more

Your Surrogate’s Gestational Diabetes Testing

First of all, understand that all pregnant women will be tested for gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Even if they’ve... Read more

What is an ERA?

A failed transfer can be incredibly disappointing and confusing. News that the transfer did not result in a pregnancy is... Read more

What Intended Parents Should Know About Gestational Diabetes

In simplest terms, diabetes is heightened insulin resistance. All humans have some level of reaction to insulin, but this resistance... Read more

Why Social Apps Aren’t Great For Finding Surrogates & Donors

Technology has changed the way we all live. You can shop for homes, book travel, order dinner, and pay your... Read more

Forms of Labor Induction In Surrogacy

As your projected due date draws near, you may find that your surrogate and her care provider are talking about... Read more

What is Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

You’ve just had your first ultrasound and everything looks great. In fact, it looks perfect. Your surrogate has just been... Read more

When is my Surrogate Released From Meds?

Your surrogate will be on a closely monitored medical protocol for a long time. Beginning roughly a month before your... Read more

Six Things Not to say to Someone Living With Infertility

It is our belief that very few people are outwardly mean or seeking to offend or hurt those around them.... Read more

Parenting a Child Conceived Through Donated Genetics

As you prepare to embark upon your egg donation or surrogacy journey, it is incredibly common to question how your... Read more

Creative Ways to Fund Surrogacy

RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, reports that one in 8 U.S. couples of childbearing years will experience some level of... Read more

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