Welcome to our resource page for intended parents who are interested in surrogacy. On this page, you’ll find various articles on what surrogacy is like and things to take into consideration while pursuing surrogacy. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

What is Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

You’ve just had your first ultrasound and everything looks healthy. In fact, you saw two heartbeats. Twins! You’re pretty excited,... Read more

When is my Surrogate Released From Meds?

Your surrogate will be on a closely monitored medical protocol for a long time. Beginning roughly a month before your... Read more

Six Things Not to say to Someone Living With Infertility

It is our belief that very few people are outwardly mean or seeking to offend or hurt those around them.... Read more

Parenting a Child Conceived Through Donated Genetics

As you prepare to embark upon your egg donation or surrogacy journey, it is incredibly common to question how your... Read more

Creative Ways to Fund Surrogacy

RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, reports that one in 8 U.S. couples of childbearing years will experience some level of... Read more

What is Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome?

Beginning to take charge of your fertility means exploring all of the things that could be causing you hardship in... Read more

How to React After a Failed Transfer

Learning that your embryo transfer did not result in a positive pregnancy test can feel devastating. The doctor said your... Read more

How Your Medical & Transfer Calendars Are Made

The arrival of your medical and transfer calendar is a big day. It outlines what medications your surrogate will be... Read more

Can Embryos Fall Out After Transfer?

Embryos are tiny, delicate things. As such, the transfer process is often conducted with great caution and preparation. This caution... Read more

What to Expect When Having Breast Milk Shipped

Some of our intended parents choose to have their surrogate express breast milk for their child long after they’ve returned... Read more

Understanding Embryo Grading for Intended Parents

Once your embryos have been created your first question to the doctor may be, “How good do the embryos look?”... Read more

What the Media Gets Wrong About Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an emerging discipline that pairs the innovation of science with the heart and soul of human compassion. As... Read more