Welcome to our resource page for intended parents who are interested in surrogacy. On this page, you’ll find various articles on what surrogacy is like and things to take into consideration while pursuing surrogacy. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy!

Surrogacy Books for Kids

Using a surrogate to grow your family presents you with interesting decisions to make as your child grows up. Most... Read more

The Contracting Phase

Once you have confirmed the match with your surrogate, you will move into the contracting phase of your journey. During... Read more

What influences the success rate of in vitro fertilization?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a very accessible medical procedure that gives individuals and couples who are unable to conceive... Read more

Best Airlines for International Newborns

When it comes to your newborns first flight, we understand that you’re bound to be a little anxious! Especially for... Read more

Understanding Different Types of Surrogacy

The first step to deciding if surrogacy is right for you is learning about the two types of surrogacy and... Read more

What is Pre-Eclampsia?

A diagnosis of preeclampsia can be terrifying. The condition carries with it a stigma of serious danger, and for good... Read more

Induction Types

If a labor induction is decided to be in the best interest of the surrogate, there are a few different... Read more

When to Arrive for the Birth: International IP

Planning to arrive in your surrogate’s hometown in time for the birth of your child can be especially difficult when... Read more

When to Arrive for the Birth: Domestic IPs

Being present for the birth of your child is something most intended parents will want to strive to achieve. The... Read more

Egg Donation vs. Surrogacy

For many intended parents, choosing to pursue an egg donor or a surrogate can be a very difficult and emotional... Read more

Newborn Care in the United States

  Prior to the birth of your baby you will need to think a bit about the American standard of... Read more

What is a Sibling Project?

Many of Growing Generations’ intended parents return for a second surrogacy journey. This return, referred to as a sibling project,... Read more