Chinese Surrogacy

An important decision deserves a dedicated team.

Growing Generations’ surrogacy team has helped deliver the dream of parenthood to clients from over 30 different countries around the world. Understanding the needs of each culture with which we interact is a specialty of ours.

The GG Chinese Surrogacy Program was designed for our Chinese-speaking clients to be able to understand the surrogacy process in their own language, as well as to provide them with dedicated support from a Chinese-speaking representative at Growing Generations.

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Client Support

Receive the same professional support and quality for which GG is known, but from a Client Services Representative who speaks Mandarin Chinese. Other services include:

  • Fully translated client agreement and documents
  • Translated conversations between you and your surrogate
  • Support with coordination between legal, medical, psychological and insurance services
  • Connect to a network of other parents through surrogacy in China


Protecting our clients during the surrogacy process and ensuring that they are named the parents of their child is the primary goal of our legal team, and one they have delivered 100% of the time.

The attorneys that GG refers its clients to provide a full-service approach that will assist you with all legal needs related to surrogacy, parental orders, birth certificates, family planning documents, and passport for your child.


Work with one of the largest and most successful in vitro fertility clinics in the United States. Services can include:

  • Onsite Chinese translation support
  • Dedicated nurse assigned to your case.
  • Assistance with shipping existing embryos to the United States.
  • A Growing Generations representative at the doctor’s office
  • All of our surrogates are medically screening before you are introduced to them.
  • We accept only 1% of the women who apply to our program to become surrogates.