Choosing Your Egg Donor Wisely

Choosing the woman who will donateeggs to your family is a major milestone in your surrogacy journey. While there are many things to consider when sorting through donor profiles, the truth is that the way you choose your egg donor will be intimate and incredibly personal. That said, here are a few attributes that many intended parents tend to consider while going through donor profiles.

  1. Her Physical Appearance. Many couples prefer to choose a donor who shares their physical traits. Things like ethnicity, skin tone, hair and eye color and height are common considerations.
  2. Her IQ. Having the option of considering the IQ of a donor can be helpful as well. Not all donors have taken an IQ test, but those who have will share their results.
  3. Her Track Record. Are you willing to work with a first time donor, or do you prefer someone who has been through this process before? When working with a previous donor you will also be able to see if she produced a strong amount of viable eggs, and if any made it to a successful pregnancy.
  4. Her Reasons for Donating. Your donor’s profile will help paint a picture of who this woman is, including her reasons for becoming an egg donor in the first place. Sometimes this knowledge can help you decide between candidates.
  5. No one is perfect. Keep in mind that it is highly unlikely to find one donor who is perfect in every area. Just as with all things in life, choosing your ideal donor is a balancing act.

Rest assured that Growing Generations is hard at work behind the scenes helping you find the perfect donor as well.

Before an applicant can become a Growing Generations Egg Donor she will answer many questions about herself including information on her health history, her family’s health history, if she’s on medication and if she is a tobacco user. We also talk with the donor about her hobbies, interests and reasons for considering egg donation. This helps us compose a full picture of who she is, and how her egg can complete your family.

As with most other reputable agencies, Growing Generations egg donors meet strict criteria for acceptance including:

  • A BMI lower than 26
  • Between the ages of 21-30
  • No history of inherited cancers
  • No familial history of heart disease or heart attack before age 55
  • Must pass Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening*
  • Must pass drug screening
  • No psychiatric hospitalizations

*Genital Herpes and HPV, including Genital Warts . . .

Teo Martinez

Teo Martinez is the CEO of Growing Generations, a surrogacy and egg donation agency headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Educated at both UCLA and Pepperdine University, and with over 15 years of experience working in assisted reproduction, Teo’s background makes him one of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the field.