Being an Egg Donor is Rewarding in More Ways Than One

Here’s how Growing Generations egg donors are compensated and what expenses are covered during the egg donation process.


How Much are Egg Donors Compensated?

First time egg donors are paid $10,000 and repeat egg donors are paid $12,000 in compensation. Donors who are part of our specialty program may receive between $12,000-$50,000 per egg donation cycle.

What are Egg Donors Paid Each Time They Donate?

A first-time egg donor is paid $10,000, and an egg donor who has previously donated is paid $12,000. We do offer egg donor compensation above $12,000 if a donor has outstanding qualities that are difficult to find. Egg donors are paid for every donation and can donate up to six times.

When are Egg Donors Compensated?

Egg donor payments are broken into two disbursements. The first payment made to an egg donor is $750 and is paid upon the start of injectable medications. The balance of an egg donor’s compensation is paid after the completion of the egg retrieval procedure regardless of the number of eggs retrieved.

How Many Times Can I Donate My Eggs?

You can donate your eggs up to six times. After egg retrieval is complete, one of our admissions specialists will request the medical records from your egg donation cycle. An IVF physician will review your medical records and will make a recommendation as to whether you are able to return to the program to complete additional egg donation cycles.

What Expenses are Covered by Intended Parents Working with a Growing Generations Egg Donor?

As an egg donor, there are many benefits and expenses you are eligible for across various categories related to the egg donation cycle. Bottom line is, no egg donor should incur expenses as a result of completing an egg donation cycle.  Here’s a breakdown of how we have our egg donors covered:

Medical and Psychological Expenses

All egg donor medical and psychological screening costs, medications, and medical expenses related to the egg donation cycle are paid for by intended parents. Egg donors gain valuable knowledge about their genetic, physical, and reproductive health as a result of the screening process.

Legal Fees

As an egg donor, you will enter into a legal agreement with intended parents prior to starting injectable cycle medications. Egg donors are provided an independent attorney for their legal contract with their intended parents. Egg donors will complete a legal consultation prior to signing their contracts, so they have a full understanding of the legal process as it relates to their egg donation cycle.

Egg Donor Insurance

While complications are rare, we don’t take chances. All egg donors are provided with an egg donation cycle insurance policy. This insurance policy will be used to cover medical expenses for any complication that arises as a result of the egg donation process.

Travel Expenses


  • Egg donors who do not live in the immediate area of their IVF clinic may be required to fly to the city where their IVF clinic is located. Egg donors are provided one coach airfare ticket for their medical screening appointment and two coach airfare tickets for themselves and an authorized companion at the time of the egg retrieval.

Ground Travel

  • Egg donors who use their own vehicle to drive to any medical appointments related to their egg donation are reimbursed for a per mile rate to cover fuel.
  • Egg donors who do not have a car and/or egg donors who are flown to another city are provided with reasonable ground transportation for required travel, including transfer to/from airport as well as to/from doctor appointments and procedures. Egg donors are given access to Growing Generations’ UBER account to make ground transportation a breeze.


  • Egg donors who travel for their egg donation are entitled to a per diem to cover meals while traveling for the egg donation cycle.


  • Reasonable and actual parking expenses are reimbursed to egg donors for medical appointments/procedures and airport stays.


  • If an egg donor must travel away from home (i.e., outside of reasonable driving distance) and stay overnight, reasonable hotel accommodations are made for the egg donor near the facility where the medical appointment/or procedure is to occur. While traveling for the egg retrieval, the egg donor and their authorized travel companion will share hotel accommodations.


  • We want our egg donors to feel safe and comfortable. As an egg donor, you choose a companion to accompany you from the egg retrieval back home or back to the hotel. Additionally, egg donors will not be released from the IVF clinic after their egg retrieval if they are alone. If the egg donor must fly for the egg retrieval procedure, their companion’s meals and airfare are paid for. The companion will share a hotel room with the egg donor and ground transportation whenever possible.

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Egg donation involves a screening process. Not all potential egg donors are selected. Not all selected egg donors receive the monetary amounts or compensation advertised. As with any medical procedure, there may be risks associated with human egg donation. Before an egg donor agrees to begin the egg donation process, and signs a legally binding contract, she is required to receive specific information on the known risks of egg donation. Consultation with your doctor prior to entering into a donor contract is advised.