Investing in Your Future & Your Family

Choosing an egg donor to build your family is a significant financial investment. We want to make sure you have the information on Growing Generations’ cost so you can make the right decision for your family.


Breaking Down the Cost of Egg Donation

In addition to the standard costs for egg donation, be sure to factor in the medical costs for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. You can gather these costs directly from the IVF clinic you are working with. If you are not yet working with a clinic, we are happy to give you an estimate of these costs and refer you to a fertility specialist.

Estimated Costs for Egg Donation
based on one attempt at pregnancy

Professional Fees
Growing Generations Professional Fees$10,000+
Donor Evaluations
Egg donor psychological screening fees$600
Egg donor genetic history evaluation$350
Egg donor fertility testing$235
Egg Donor Compensation & Related Expenses
Egg donor fee$10,000+
Insurance premium (per cycle) $280
Travel expenses (depends on donor’s location)$750+
Insurance rider (to include ovary loss) $100
Legal Fees
Egg donor attorney fee$500+
Intended parents’ attorney fees$1200


The Growing Generations Value

Egg Donation Changes Lives

For the donor, donating eggs is a way of making an impact on someone else’s life in a way that will be treasured forever. We want you to feel confident in your choice of an egg donor. At Growing Generations, we pride ourselves on the wide selection of donors in our program. Creativity, intelligence, and cultural and ethnic diversity are all considered during our process of handpicking egg donors.

Egg Donor Selection

Growing Generations makes the process of selecting your egg donor seamless. Sign up for a free account to begin browsing our egg donor profiles. Once you’ve found a donor, leave it to us to make sure your schedules match your timeline to continue the process. If both parties are ready to move forward, we can begin the donor screenings.

Working with an Egg Donor

Some important benefits of working with our egg donors include:

  • Multiple photographs, a video, and extensive profiles on every donor.
  • High IVF success rates because donors are between the ages of 21- 29.
  • Donors complete fertility and genetic testing once they are published in our donor database.
  • Ability to select donor characteristics, such as ethnicity, education, physical attributes, and location of residence.
  • Many experienced donors with statistics on previous donations, such as number of eggs retrieved, how many embryos were created, and pregnancy and birth rates.
  • Unknown and known donations are possible, depending on the donor and intended parents’ preferences.

We want to make sure that you, as an intended parent, have a memorable journey from pregnancy to beyond delivery. We provide a hands-on approach to egg donation, from the initial application through the medical, psychological, and legal processes.

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