Donate an Egg: How to Become an Egg Donor

Egg Donor Program Overview

Since 1996, Growing Generations has worked with thousands of egg donors, helping them help intended parents to create and complete their families. Each egg donation cycle is a unique experience for every donor, and an experience every egg donor looks back on as one of the greatest things they’ve done. The team at Growing Generations will be with you through each step of your egg donation process, while educating you on what you need to know to make an informed decision about becoming an egg donor.

What we know about egg donors is that they are the kind of people that not only say “I can do that”, they are also the ones that say “I want to do that”. Egg donors are people who look for opportunities to make an impact in the world. Egg donors are also people that have seen others struggle with fertility and given the chance to make a difference in this area, they gladly say “Yes”! To be an egg donor is to positively change the life of another person forever.

Feel free to read ahead or start off with the quick video below to get better acquainted with the egg donation process. From the application process to egg retrieval, you will have a member of the Growing Generations team guiding you as you help make a family’s dream of parenthood come true. We are grateful for all of the egg donors in our program and strive to provide our egg donors with a high level of support and care as they embark on a life changing journey.

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What Are Some of the Requirements to be an Egg Donor?

Growing Generations prides itself on having a wide range of highly dedicated egg donors involved in our egg donation program. We encourage applicants from various backgrounds who are communicative, creative, intelligent, athletic, or charismatic along with being culturally and ethnically diverse to apply. Egg donor applicants with exceptional drive and passion also stand out to us. Those are just a few examples of the many qualities the egg donors in our program possess.

There are several health, lifestyle, and other requirements to become an egg donor, and we’ve listed some of them below. You can learn more about our program requirements here.

  • Age 21-29
  • Have both ovaries and regular menstrual cycles
  • Cannot use tobacco or have a history of substance abuse
  • Able to obtain your family healthy history
  • Flexible schedule to attend appointments and traveling as needed

Figuring out whether or not you are eligible to become an egg donor is as easy as taking a quick survey.

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How do I Become an Egg Donor?


Step 1: Complete an Initial Egg Donor Questionnaire to See if You Qualify

Fill out this quick online survey to see if you qualify to be an egg donor with Growing Generations. This survey should only take you a few minutes to complete. If you meet the initial requirements, you will be able to complete the full application. Please contact us if you have any questions before beginning: If you were previously an egg donor, we will ask for copies of your donation records.

Step 2: Review of Egg Donor Application

After we receive your completed application to be an egg donor, one of our egg donor admissions specialists will contact you within one business day. Our admissions specialist will contact you to set up a consultation or may need to ask you some additional questions before proceeding to the next step. In some instances, it will be a combination of both.

Step 3: New Egg Donor Consultation

The next step is a video consultation with a member of our egg donor admissions team. Our team will set this meeting up with you and provide you meeting details. During your consultation, you will be able to ask us questions so that you are better informed about the egg donation process and learn more about our agency. We look forward to getting to know you during your consultation and explaining what you can expect as an egg donor in our program.

Step 4: Verifying Your Information

We will ask you to complete several items so we can verify your identity. Your admissions specialist will tell you exactly what we need from you. You will be able to upload some of your documentation on your own time through your online account. We will ask that you complete some paperwork such as signing a medical release form and to provide copies of your government issued identification card, copies of your college transcripts,  and college admissions test scores.

Step 5: Preparing Your Egg Donor Profile

Next, we will ask that you upload or send us several photos for your egg donor profile and to complete fertility testing. You’ll be sent a kit to complete at your home. You won’t have to pay for this test. Your test results should be ready within 7-14 days of submission. Your admissions specialist will continue to support you through this process.

Step 6: Publishing Your Egg Donor Profile

The moment has arrived! After completing the above steps, we will publish your profile on our online egg donor database. Intended parents use this database to search for their egg donor match to help make their dreams of parenthood a reality. The time it takes for an egg donor to be selected by intended parents can vary. It may be as quickly as a few days to several months. Your admissions specialist will be with you through every step and will check in with you periodically.

As soon as we have a potential match for you, we will be in touch right away. We will confirm your availability and ask a few questions. We will also discuss next steps and timing with you.

The Egg Donation Process

After your egg donor profile is published on the Growing Generations site, intended parents will be able to view it immediately. Here is the process for becoming an egg donor.

  • Being Selected by Intended Parents (time varies): You might get chosen immediately, within days, within weeks, months. Because this is such a personalized process, the perfect intended parent for you might be just right around the corner. Your admissions specialist will contact you to discuss the details of your match. This includes information such as where the IVF doctor’s office is located and checking your availability. After the intended parents send us all necessary paperwork and funding to confirm the match, you will be introduced to your case specialist. Your case specialist will guide you through every step of your egg donation process from this point all the way through your egg retrieval.
  • Psychological and Genetic Screening (within 2 weeks of selection): You will complete psychological screening. This may occur at the intended parent’s IVF clinic or through a video meeting. You will also complete genetic screening if requested by the intended parent’s IVF physician.
  • Medical Screening (within 3-4 weeks of selection): Your medical screening appointment will take place at the IVF physician’s office. Your case specialist will help you set up this appointment and confirm your travel arrangements. You will not have to pay for your travel expenses, and we will discuss your options with you.
  • Legal Contracts (within 4-6 weeks of selection): Your case specialist will send your details to the attorney that will be representing you during your legal contract phase. A phone consultation will take place between you and your attorney to discuss the terms of your egg donation contract and to answer any questions you may have regarding the contract. You will not incur the cost of the attorney fees. Growing Generations will ensure payment is provided to your attorney.
  • Medical Protocol and Egg Retrieval (within 3-4 months of selection): Your case specialist will have guided you up to this point, but you will receive medical protocol details from your IVF physician. Your medical protocol will include things such as when you will take your medications and in what quantity. It will also outline the calendar dates for your egg retrieval cycle. Your case specialist will also receive these details to continue to support you through the cycle. You will be able to ask any questions regarding the medical protocol or egg retrieval directly with your IVF physician’s office.
  • Egg Donor Compensation (within 14 days of your egg retrieval): Growing Generations will automatically send you your egg donor compensation. You will have the option to receive your compensation in the form of a check or ACH deposit. We will discuss your options with you prior to your retrieval. We will send your compensation the way you want it and to the location of your choice.