Questions About Egg Donation?

Understanding our Egg Donation Program

If you wish to participate in our egg donation program at Growing Generations as an intended parent, there are probably a number of questions you have in mind. Here is a rundown of some of the most frequently raised questions.

If you have specific questions that are not reflected, feel free to contact us at or call us at 1-323-965-7500 extension 4937.

  • How much will this cost?

    To view an estimated cost sheet please click here. Once you select an egg donor, a customized cost sheet will be created for you.

  • Is the donor’s compensation negotiable?

    No, the compensation offered to the donors in our program is not negotiable. First time donors in our program receive $10,000 in compensation and all returning donors receive $12,000. Our donors are compensated more than the $5,000 recommended by ASRM because they are all required to complete fertility and genetic testing prior to being published.

  • How do I select an egg donor from your database?

    You can select a donor directly from our site by clicking the “Select this Donor” button on the donor’s online profile. This is the best method to confirm your selection as it will be received by our staff right away. You can also email us at, or call us at 1-323-965-7500 extension 4937, to confirm your selection.

  • What happens once I select a donor from your program?

    Once you select a donor from our site, we will call the donor to confirm her availability and ask her if she has any blackout dates during which she cannot go in for in person appointments. After we speak with the donor, you will be sent the proper paperwork necessary to confirm the match. The paperwork and trust account funding will then be due within 3 business days.

  • What is outside monitoring?

    When a donor does not live in the area where your IVF doctor is located, she will need outside monitoring. Outside monitoring usually consists of ultrasounds and lab work which the donor can have done near her home. In the estimated cost sheet, we collect for monitoring so that payment can be set up for the donor’s future appointments.

  • Is the donor open to meeting me the intended parent?

    The donors in our program are considered anonymous. If you are interested in meeting one of our donors please contact our Intended Parent Admission Specialist. We will then contact the donor and ask her if she is open to meeting the intended parents who select her. If the parents and donor decide to meet in person, that meeting will be facilitated by a member of the Growing Generations staff. The donor is compensated $500 for meeting the intended parents.

  • Is the donor open to meeting offspring who result from her donation?

    The donors in our program are considered anonymous. If the donor agrees to meet the offspring that result from her donation, that meeting will later be facilitated by the intended parents’ attorney who drafted their egg donation contract once the child turns 18.

  • Can I see more photos of the donor?

    If you are interested in viewing more photos of our donors, please contact us at, or call us at 1-323-965-7500 extension 4937.

  • How do I know if a donor is available?

    The status of our donors appears directly on their online profile. All of the donors on our site are available.

  • If I am interested in a previous donor, will her previous cycle results be disclosed?

    Yes, information regarding a previous donor’s cycle is available on the donor’s online profile. To review this information visit the “Health/Reproductive History” section of her online profile.

  • Are your donors willing to travel?

    Yes, some of our donors are willing to travel. Every donor is asked this question when entering our program and you can see their answer to this question on the first page of their online profile. If the donor you select needs to travel to your clinic, we will call her to confirm the future travel arrangements upon selection.

  • Why is the estimate for your donors’ travel so high?

    If a donor does not live in the area where the intended parents IVF doctor is located, she will have to travel to the IVF clinic at least twice. The first time will be for her initial medical screening appointment. The second time she will travel, she will be on injectable medications and her trip will last 7-10 days. She will need to be in the area where the IVF clinic is located so the doctor can monitor her progress on the medications leading up to the egg retrieval. She will need airfare, hotel accommodations, and meal reimbursement while she is traveling for the donation. The donor will also need a travel companion for the egg retrieval. The doctor’s office will not release her from their office without a companion after the egg retrieval.