Surrogate Stories

All of our surrogates are amazing and have incredible stories to share. It was tough to pick just a few to share with you here, but we believe these women represent the stories of many surrogates in our program.

«Surrogacy is part of who I am. It’s a personality trait. It helps me become someone who can start a ripple effect with everlasting effects on a family.»  -Adrienne

Nashville, TN
Delivered GG Baby #1213
Delivered GG Baby #1366
Currently on her third journey     

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«Being a surrogate was a very special experience for me and my family. I feel like this journey has been crucial for making me the woman I am today.»  -Claire

Minneapolis, MN
Delivered GG Baby #1279 & GG Baby #1280

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“My experience with GG was absolutely amazing. I really believe that in the future, when I look back on all my accomplishments, it will easily be one of the best things I ever did.”  -Kelly

Lincoln, California
Delivered GG Baby #679 & GG Baby #680
Delivered GG Baby #903 & GG Baby #904
Delivered GG Baby #1045          
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«My family learned so many things because we used this as a teaching lesson. I feel like we’ve really taught my kids how to give. They understand there’s a lot we can to for people, not just ourselves.»  –Rachel
Fresno, CA
Delivered GG Baby #272           Read Rachel’s Story



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