Does insurance cover surrogacy and/or egg donation?

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed an explosion in the number of companies offering benefits to help their employees start a family. Thanks to fertility benefit providers like Carrot, Progyny, and WINFertility, more and more employers are recognizing the importance of comprehensive and inclusive family creation benefits. You may have benefits to help cover the cost of starting your family through surrogacy and/or egg donation.

We see a wide range of benefits offered so we encourage all prospective parents to reach out to their human resources group and ask the following questions:

  • Do we offer fertility benefits to help cover the cost of starting a family?
    • If the answer is yes, ask for a comprehensive explanation of your benefits and Growing Generations will tailor a cost estimate, so you can understand what is covered and what’s not.
    • If the answer is no, ask a follow up question-advocating for yourself could not only benefit you but many others within your organization.
  • Are we exploring this benefit?

According to Forbes, fertility benefits create a high level of loyalty from those who utilize the benefit AND are considered one of the most popular new and competitive benefits for companies to offer.

If you don’t have specific fertility benefits covering surrogacy and egg donation, you’ll most likely need to fund the process outside of insurance. Visit our cost page for general cost information, and we welcome you to contact us, so we can have a personalized discussion about cost.