If I do travel as an egg donor, how much travel is involved? How is travel booked?

If you do need to travel for your donation, plan to take two trips to the IVF doctor you’ll be working with. The first is a one-day trip (you may spend one night at a hotel if you’re flying from the opposite coast). This first trip will be for your medical screening. You’ll get to choose the date of this appointment, so you can work it into your schedule. The appointment will need to occur Monday-Friday.

The second trip will be for your actual egg retrieval. Any appointments between your first and second trip will be at a local monitoring facility that your primary IVF doctor will send you to. Your egg retrieval trip can be anywhere between 4-10 days, though it’s generally on the shorter end. You will need a companion with you on the day of your egg retrieval, so be sure you have a support person who can travel with you. Your companion only needs to be present on the day of your procedure. Both travel arrangements for you and your companion will be covered. We work with a travel agent who will be in direct communication with you regarding travel itineraries.

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