Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Growing Generations has helped hundreds of gay men and women have babies through intention thanks to our surrogacy program. In fact, assisting the gay community with surrogacy, as well as egg donation, was how we got our start in 1996.


After the first successful gestational surrogacy attempt in 1985, intended parents were able to choose an egg donor and use a surrogate so they could build or grow a family – even though that child would not share a biological link. Just over 20 years later, we developed our HIV Assisted Reproductive Technologies program (HART), allowing men with HIV to have a biological child through surrogacy.


LGBT couples and individuals today may face discrimination or bias from surrogacy professionals, prospective surrogates and/or donors throughout the process. That’s not the case at Growing Generations. We know same-sex couples can raise happy, healthy kids just like in traditional families. We can even debunk four popular myths about gay parenting.


While society is increasingly accepting of diverse family types, gay parents who choose surrogacy may face the additional challenge of talking about their child’s birth story. We can offer tips for talking to your children about surrogacy as well as provide a wealth of personal support and online resources for the journey.


Our surrogacy program was designed to meet the specific needs of gay intended parents. This includes getting both partner’s names on a birth certificate – or just one name if the parent is single. We also know that finding the right surrogate can be even more crucial for gay couples, which is why we developed a highly personalized matching process.


Learn about Our Surrogates and Services


Our Surrogates

Growing Generations only accepts 1% of the women who apply to our program to become surrogates. You can expect that she will:


  • Have been medically, criminally and psychologically screened prior to your surrogate match being confirmed.
  • Have medical insurance coverage.
  • Receive ongoing psychological support and monitoring throughout the surrogacy process.
  • Be excited to help a gay couple or individual grow or build a family.
  • Be financially stable.


Legal Services

Each state has laws regulating surrogacy, and some do not grant parental rights for same-sex couples. Other states do not allow or recognize surrogacy contracts at all. This is why we partner with the International Reproductive Law Group for expert guidance and legal counsel. They offer:


  • A 100% success rate in getting you named as the legal parent(s) of your child or children.
  • Counsel on which states are surrogate-friendly and ideal for your situation.
  • Assistance to get paternity judgments that name you as the legal parent of your child with both parents’ names on the birth certificate – or just one name if you are single.
  • Assistance with drafting your surrogate and/or egg donor agreements and family planning documents while offering legal representation.


Medical Services

We work with many IVF clinics throughout the United States. If you are not yet working with an IVF clinic, we are happy to refer you to one within our network. Benefits you can expect include:


  • Experienced medical professionals for screenings, egg retrievals and embryo transfers.
  • The option of selecting which of the created embryos is implanted in your surrogate.
  • The option to use sperm from both male partners to have siblings from the same egg donor.
  • The ability for HIV-positive males to use their own sperm to become biological fathers.


Most of our cases become pregnant on the first attempt, and 95% of cases become pregnant within three attempts. If you’re interested in becoming a parent through surrogacy, hear our success stories and learn more about the six steps of our process.