Gay Surrogacy

Having it your way.

At Growing Generations, we have helped hundreds and hundreds of men and women have babies through our gay surrogacy program. In fact, assisting the gay community with surrogacy, as well as egg donation, was how we got started.

The GG gay surrogacy program was designed to meet the specific needs of gay intended parents, such as getting both partner’s names on a birth certificate, or just one parent’s name on the birth certificate for single clients.

We also realize that having the right surrogate match can be even more crucial for gay clients, which is why we developed a specialized surrogate screening program that is unique from all others in the United States.

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Our Surrogates

We take 1% of the women who apply to our program to become surrogates. Here is what you can expect from a GG surrogate:

  • Prior to meeting your surrogates she will have been fully screened medically, criminally and psychologically
  • Your surrogate will have medical insurance coverage
  • Many of our surrogates have insurance of their own that can be used for the surrogacy process
  • Surrogates in our program receive ongoing psychological support and monitoring throughout the process
  • Be matched with a surrogate that WANTS to help a gay couple or single
  • Our surrogates are financially stable and have emotional support from family and friends


Our legal team has been 100% successful in getting our parents named as the legal parents of their children. Services include:

  • Counseling you on which surrogate states are the most ideal for your situation
  • Securing paternity judgments that name you as the legal parent of your child
  • Having just your name or both partners names listed on the birth certificate
  • Drafting of your surrogate and/or egg donor agreements, including legal representation
  • Family planning documents that designate the appropriate people to make major decisions for your child


Work with one of the largest and most successful in vitro fertility clinics in the United States. Benefits include:

  • Dedicated nurse assigned to your case.
  • A Growing Generations representative at the doctor’s office
  • Most of our cases are pregnant on the first attempt, and 95% of cases are pregnant within three attempts
  • Select the gender of your child
  • Use sperm from both male partners to have siblings from the same egg donor
  • HIV+ males can use their own sperm to become biological fathers
  • Receive special pricing programs only available to GG clents