Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Houston, Texas

Growing Generations, a full-service surrogacy and egg donation agency, has been helping to build and grow families In Texas since 1996. We were the first agency dedicated to serving the gay and lesbian community while providing services for HIV-positive men. We are now proud to help all individuals and couples in the Lone Star State, regardless of family status.

If you are living in the Houston area and interested in partnering with our agency to be a surrogate, egg donor or intended parent, you can schedule a phone consultation with the team at our main offices. Later in your journey, you can make appointments for match meetings and medical and psychological screenings in Los Angeles.

Learn about our offices in Los Angeles and New York.

Interested in Being a Surrogate in Houston?

  • We provide expert guidance and specialists to walk you through every step of the process.
  • Growing Generations covers all costs for medical screenings and related travel.
  • You will be partnered with intended parents through a highly personalized matching process.

Surrogates: See our industry-leading compensation package

If you’re not ready to make the commitment to be a surrogate, consider becoming an egg donor: Learn about egg donor compensation

Thinking About Having a Child Through Surrogacy?

  • Growing Generations only works in surrogacy-friendly states (over 40 states and counting, including Texas), and all of our intended parents have successfully received parentage judgments establishing their rights.
  • The surrogacy process often takes 15 to 20 months from the time you apply to our program.

Take the next step

Reach out to our team now if you have any additional questions about our services, agency or the processes along this life-changing journey. You can also call us at 1-323-965-7500.