Becoming an Egg Donor

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From time to time we run into women who have the heart for third party reproduction and a great desire to help build a family through surrogacy but find themselves unable to proceed with the surrogacy process.

These women may live in states that are unfavorable to surrogacy or may not be mother’s themselves, a steadfast requirement for our surrogates.

There are still more ways to help!

For these women egg donation presents a unique way to have a hand in building a family through third party reproduction. The entire process of surrogacy would be impossible without the egg donor. Without the egg donor’s gift there could be no embryo.

Most egg donors make unknown donations, but in some instances, commonly called known donations, you can have an opportunity to open communication with the family you help build.

Growing Generations egg donors are women with a spark for life and a large heart. They are guided by love of others as well as love of self. Choosing to donate your eggs is a way to change the lives of other families at a great fiscal benefit to yourself and a minor time or medical inconvenience.