Growing Generations’ Surrogate Screening Process- Part Two

Growing Generations’ process for screening their surrogates is renowned, partly because they are committed to thoroughly screening potential surrogates before they are matched with Intended Parents. The first part of Growing Generations’ screening process dealt with the online application. We pick up our series at the New Surrogate Phone Consultation.

The Consult call is an hour long conversation that is had between the surrogate candidate and one of Growing Generations’ Surrogate Admissions Specialists. The purpose of this phone call is to continue to educate the future surrogate about the overall process and make sure that it is something she’d like to move forward with. A summary of the entire process is given, from application to birth. There is also plenty of time during the phone call to get answers for any questions the candidate may have.

After the phone consultation is complete, she moves to the paperwork phase. The surrogate candidate will send in a copy of her driver’s license and social security card. If she is partnered or married, she will also need to send in copies of theirs as well. This information is needed to complete the criminal background check. She will also obtain her past pregnancy/delivery records for the doctor to review. Next, Growing Generations will review and approve her insurance options.

Soon she will be heading to Growing Generations’ office in Los Angeles for her In-Person Screening but before GG has her travel booked, she will need to do a few pre-screening labs at a local facility. Her pre-screening labs will check glucose, Vitamin D and TSH. This will give the doctor needed information about her likelihood of possible Gestational Diabetes as well as her Vitamin K and Thyroid levels. Once those labs are approved, she’ll be flying (or driving if close) to Growing Generations’ L.A. office!

Kelly Enders-Tharp

Kelly Enders-Tharp was a three time gestational surrogate with Growing Generations. Afterwards, she joined GG as their Marketing and Admissions Specialist.