Growing Generations

Introducing Insurance Specialist Andrew Johnson

In an effort to continue to provide the best service possible to our surrogates, donors, and intended parents, Growing Generations is pleased to announce the newly created position of “Insurance Specialist” to our staff line up.

Responsible for an extensive knowledge base of all areas of insurance, this position will report directly to GG’s president and ensure that your premiums and bills are paid on time. Insurance Specialists will also track the Affordable Care Act to monitor for open enrollment periods and make sure eligible surrogates enroll at the right time. In addition to talking with hospital billing agencies directly, this position also builds an ongoing relationship with insurance agencies. The result is a great knowledge pays and expedited services that streamline your experience greatly.

Growing Generations is excited to introduce Andrew Johnson, a former Finance Specialist with GG, as our first Insurance Specialist.

Chances are that you’ll never interact with Andrew directly after the initial paperwork phase of your journey, but that doesn’t mean he’s not constantly at work on your case!

Andrew started with GG in 2015 after he “stumbled” into the job by word of mouth.

“I knew people that worked for GG and they raved about how much they liked working here, so when a position became available, I jumped at the opportunity,” says Johnson. Perhaps this is why he says his co-workers are his favorite part of his job!

A graduate of Marshall University, Andrew marks the moment he became a father as his proudest life accomplishment.

Outside of the office, Andrew has a family, complete with a girlfriend, daughter, and a cat, and hopes to someday publish a novel.