Meet GG: Kellie Nesbitt

Client Development Assistant Kellie Nesbitt has been with Growing Generations since 2015. In her role she interacts with intended parents from their very first contact with GG until the time they retain our services and begin their journey to parenthood. During that time Kellie will help the future intended parents with their retainer agreement and arrange for their initial consultations and appointments.

She says that she enjoys the occasions when she gets to speak with intended parents on the phone, and absolutely adores her coworkers. The client development assistant brings many years of customer service expertise to her current role and says that seeing people happy is one of the best parts of her job.

Kellie is married and the proud mother of a dog named Jill, a guinea pig and two gerbils. When not playing with her many pets, Kellie is often found listening to many types of music, reading, taking in a good movie, or losing herself in a good coloring book.

She says she’s the most proud of herself when she overcomes personal fears, a skill that may come in handy as her bucket list is topped by the desire to storm chase an EF-5 tornado! She’d also like to visit London and someday become a lounge singer.

Ms. Nesbitt holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from West Virginia Northern Community College.

Teo Martinez

Teo Martinez is the CEO of Growing Generations, a surrogacy and egg donation agency headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Educated at both UCLA and Pepperdine University, and with over 15 years of experience working in assisted reproduction, Teo’s background makes him one of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the field.