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One Million Babies Born From IVF

As Growing Generations nears and crosses the 2,000 birth threshold, it’s interesting to take a look at just how many babies have been born in the United States as a result of IVF Treatments.

A report released in 2017 states that as of 2015, more than one million babies had been born through the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in the United States.  ART includes IVF or the use of donor genetics (an egg donor, sperm donor, or adopted embryo). These numbers are not specific to surrogacy; they include children born through any sort of medical preproduction assistance, but all children born of surrogacy are included in this number.

The large-scale birth tracking recorded how the pregnancies were achieved as a result of ART technologies from 1987 through 2015. Researchers were quick to note that the actual number of births as a result of ART may be much higher, as their numbers come only from clinics that hold a membership with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). While many doctors who specialize in IVF are members of this community, membership is optional for reproductive endocrinologists, meaning that not every child born from ART is accounted for in the group’s statistics.

Since the inception of IVF and ART, the medical field has changed greatly. What started as one procedure has now branched into a variety of options for those struggling with infertility. For example, it was once routine to implant many embryos into a uterus, resulting in a surge in multiple gestations. Doctors are now encouraged to perform just a single embryo transfer per attempt. According to the ASRM report, close to 35% of couples are now opting for single-embryo transfers.

The world’s very first IVF baby was born in 1978 in Britain. The United States joined the world of IVF three years later in 1981.

With the dedication of loving egg donors and surrogates and the expert help of some of the United States’ best reproductive endocrinologists, Growing Generations is proud to help create families of choice around the world.