Staff Feature: Christa Wensel


Christa Wensel is an egg donor specialist who also works with intended parents who do not need a surrogate. She started with Growing Generations in 2015, and interacts with clients starting from their first interaction with GG.

Christa is responsible for reviewing egg donor applications, completing consult calls, and managing donor cases through their selection process.  Intended parents will work with Christa from the time they retain Growing Generations through egg donor selection and paperwork.

A former social worker specializing in family connections, Christa came to Growing Generations after finding an ad in the paper while seeking a new adventure. One look over the GG website and she was sold. Christa says she loved what the company was about and applied right away. Like so many Growing Generations’ employees, Christa says the best part of her job is the interaction with the families she works with.

Christa is a married mom and one proud grandmother. Christa has a strong allegiance to family, often calling her grandson her little savior. The child of a large family herself, Christa is one of 6 children and has 19 nieces and nephews! Christa says family has always been the most important thing to her and will always come first for her.

Christa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work, earned from West Liberty University in 1991. Earning that degree as a single mother is Christa’s proudest life achievement. She is also a licensed Social Worker in the state of WV.

Christa loves spending as much time as possible in the outdoors during nice weather, often taking her grandson on boating adventures. The pair enjoy traveling and trying new things together. A lover of adventure, Christa admits that her bucket list is pretty long. A trip to Africa to work with children with AIDS tops the list. She’d also like to travel to Australia, take her grandson to Legoland, and meet Justin Timberlake and John Stamos.