Referral Program

Earn thousands of dollars while helping create families!


How it Works
Years ago we created a referral program where people could earn money by referring qualified candidates to our program. Over the years the referral fees have increased, as well as opportunities to win prizes by not only referring qualified candidates, but also trying to learn more about how to refer.

In order to get credit for your referral, you will want to make sure that she knows to include your name on her pre-qualification form, while she is applying online. When we ask how she heard about us, she will click the button that says “Referral-Surrogate” (if you are/were a surrogate with GG) or “Referral-Other” and place your name in the box next to it. It’s as easy as that!


Standard Referral Fees
Once you refer a potential Surrogate, you will receive $100 after your referral completes her Phone Consultation with GG. You will receive an additional $900 once she and her IPs complete the legal phase and Contracts are complete. That’s a $1000 total Referral Fee. There is NO LIMIT on the amount of money you can earn!


Gift Card Extravaganza Quarterly Drawing
Referral fees are a great reward but so is a Gift Card of your choice! You can be entered just for trying to refer! Here are the ways you can earn one entry into our Quarterly Gift Card Extravaganza. Each entry increases your chance to win!

  • Someone you refer completes a Phone Consultation with GG
  • Someone you refer completes her Legal Contract with her IPs
  • Someone your referral refers completes her Legal Contract with her IPs
  • Your participation in our Referral Education, including quarterly calls and webinars, social media posts, email campaigns and hosting referral events.

* Quarter 1 January-March * Quarter 2 April-June * Quarter 3 July-September * Quarter 4 October-December *


Referral Program Message Center
Our 24-hour Referral Program Message Center (323- 450-2206) is an opportunity to learn more about our Referral Program and how to best utilize it. Each quarter you are given the opportunity to listen to a short, prerecorded call that will educate you on a variety of topics regarding surrogacy, Growing Generations, the admissions process, and much more!  While you can call in and listen as many times as you’d like, you can only enter the Gift Card Extravaganza once per quarter via the quarterly message.


Helpful Hints
We have a ton of blogs that you can review to educate yourself on GG and Surrogacy!  You can also send your potential referral to the BE A SURROGATE section of our website!  Another great idea is to share some of our blogs with your potential referral or on your social media for all to see. (You never know who may be interested)!

How to Best Use Our Referral Program this one is for you!

9 Reasons to Become a Surrogate – this is a great one to share!

Understanding Surrogate Compensation and Pay

The Surrogate Screening Process

Watch our Facebook LIVE video about the Referral Program

If you have any questions about our Referral Program, including following up on referral fee payments, feel free to reach out to Kelly Enders-Tharp, Admissions & Marketing Specialist at email hidden; JavaScript is required


Standard Referral Fees (PDF)