Long-Term Health Effects of Egg Donation

A major concern of potential egg donors and their families is the long-term health impact of egg donation. A common... Read more

Why There is no Egg Donor Registry

Many young women on the verge of becoming egg donors have two main questions, “Will this impact my health long... Read more

8 Things First-Time Egg Donors Don’t Expect

The day you decide to become an egg donor is an exciting milestone in your life. From this stage forward,... Read more

Travel Requirements for Egg Donors

The opportunity to travel as part of your egg donation journey can be exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming.... Read more

Why Egg Donors Should Take Their Time On Their Profiles

Egg donors are loving, vivacious women. They’re excited by life and tend to take it by the horns and give... Read more

The Egg Donor Matching Process

It’s the moment that becoming an egg donor starts to feel real. Matching with your intended parents will indicate the... Read more

Advanced Maternal Age: Why Egg Donors Age Out

Becoming an egg donor is an incredible opportunity to change your life and the lives of those who will receive... Read more

Donor Diaries: Amanda

I learned about egg donation after a friend of mine told me about her experience being an egg donor.  It... Read more

How Your Donated Genetics Will be Parented

As an egg donor you may find yourself wondering how your eggs will be parented by those who receive them.... Read more

Fertility & Cancer: Why Your Eggs are Needed

Women may need the help of an egg donor for a number of reasons. While most donors understand that poor... Read more

Understanding Embryo Grading for Egg Donors

Once your egg retrieval is complete, it is quite possible that you walk out the clinic and never know what... Read more

What the Media Mistakes About Surrogacy

Choosing to donate your eggs means that, very likely, your DNA will ultimately be used in gestational surrogacy. For many... Read more

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