Accepting Egg Donors Nationally

Many young women who desire to become egg donors may wind up feeling as though this goal is unobtainable to them due to the state in which they live. They may believe that agencies wouldn’t be interested in out of state donors when they could choose to work with candidates who are more centrally located, or that the cost of traveling to a reputable out of state agency to donate is prohibitive. When these misconceptions come together, we begin to paint a picture of why there are so many wonderful would-be donors who do not donate.

Growing Generations is proud to seek out and work with egg donors all across the United States. Expanding our reach outside of our main offices in California allows us to meet incredible women who will make wonderful donors while also being able to provide our intended parents with the best donor base possible.

While 90% of our egg donations are completed in California, a few are done at other clinics across the United States. No matter where you ultimately wind up donating, chances are that you will get the opportunity to do some traveling as part of your donation experience. You should also know that this travel is done at no expense to you.

Time and time again we hear from women considering egg donation that travel is a motivating factor. We encourage young women considering egg donation to look at the travel component as a benefit of your donation as opposed to a potential complication. Our admissions team speaks with young women from across the United States every day, and we’d love to speak with you as well.

Kim Bergman, PhD, a licensed psychologist of 26 years, has specialized in the area of gay and lesbian parenting, parenting by choice and third party assisted reproduction for over two decades. Dr. Bergman has created a comprehensive psychological screening, support and monitoring process for intended parents, surrogates and donors. She is the co-owner of Growing Generations and is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American Psychological Association, the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, the Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association, and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. She is on the national Emeritus board of the Family Equality Council. Dr. Bergman writes, teaches and speaks extensively on parenting by choice. Along with co-authors, she published “Gay Men Who Become Fathers via Surrogacy: The Transition to Parenthood” (Journal of GLBT Family Studies, April 2010). Dr. Bergman’s is the author of the book, Your Future Family: The Essential Guide to Assisted Reproduction (Conari Press 2019) as well as the children's book You Began as a Wish (Independent Press 2019). Dr. Bergman created her own family using third party assisted reproduction and she lives with her wife of 35 years. She has two adult daughters.