Can I donate if I Have Body Modifications?

Tattoos, piercings, and implants. Body modifications can be used to express individuality, as a form of self expression, or to mark a spiritual “coming of age” in certain religions. We find that when women with body modifications decide they would like to become egg donors, they often have concerns over if their choices to have body modifications completed may hinder their chances of being accepted into our program.

First things first, Growing Generations believes that beauty exists in all forms. As such, we do not discriminate against any woman based upon her physical appearance. We invite any woman interested in egg donation to apply for consideration. While our program is intensely selective, it is open to all women, even those who have body modifications.

With that said, we are not interested in wasting anyone’s time. Growing Generations has the benefit of knowing our client base exceedingly well. While our intended parents are free to use our egg donor database or that of another agency, we pride ourselves on offering a top notch pool of qualified egg donors who, we believe, are well suited to the interests and needs of our clients. It is not in the best interest of Growing Generations, or of a prospective egg donor, to list anyone in our database if we feel as though they are not likely to be selected by our parents for any reason.

Some parents may be open to the idea of self-expression through tattooing or piercing; some may even seek it out. If you have questions about your body modifications and whether or not you would make an ideal candidate, please feel free to reach out to any of our egg donor admissions specialists.